Benefits of Shared Boat Ownership

Benefits of Shared Fractional Boat Ownership

Are you looking for a Dutch Barge for sale, for a dream holiday home on the water. Have you considered fractional asset ownership? Shared Dutch Barge ownership is a great way to get joint ownership and to share the costs!

Would you buy a Dutch Barge, if in reality, you were only going to use it for a few weeks holiday a year – probably not? A number of people in the UK and France have been sharing Dutch Barges, Narrow boats and other Canal boats for many years now. As a family we have had shares in 2 Dutch Barges ourselves. It is a practical common sense answer to holiday boating. It enables you to own a share in a luxurious Dutch Barge at a fraction of the purchase and running costs.

For example, you can buy a 1/12th share in a new boat that costs £200,000 for under £17,000. And when you come to sell, these shares are very popular because they are affordable. My own experience is that over time the hold their value well. When we sold our 2 shares we got our money back and with inflation going up as it is, the build costs for new Barges is only going one way!

Typically a Barge of this type will have annual running costs of £8-10,000, but with this shared between 12 Owners, this would be around £750 per annum.This compares to a typical hire cost of £2-3,000 PER WEEK for a similar boat! For the 3-4 weeks that a 1/12th Share would give you, the equivalent hire charges would be £8-10,000 and the money is gone! So shared Barge ownership offers you a significant saving on the family holiday!

So shared Boat Ownership appeals to people who want to have good value boating and also want to own a boat, in a great location, for example in the wine regions of France?

If the thought of this appeals to you, let us know. We are currently building groups of people with similar interests to you own, with a view to bringing all this togther.

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What is fractional holiday home ownership?

What is fractional holiday home ownership?

Are you looking for property for sale, for a dream holiday home. Have you considered fractional property ownership? Shared property ownership is a great way to get joint ownership and share the costs!

People love property. They love owning it, using it, and they love knowing it’s there for them to use and the pride that it is theirs. It pretty basic need. we all need a roof over our heads to feel that we have arrived and are safe. This need and requirement is part of us. Whatever it is – we all love it! To investigate further click here

We also love holidays. We love to recharge the batteries, and spend more time with our family and friends. Increasingly we are able to work more flexibly as well, as new technologies give us more freedom as to where we work. We need to get away from it all on a regular basis and experience new things, tastes, languages and customs.

With Shared Holiday Home Ownership or Fractional Ownership, whether you are buying a new property or looking to sell a property you have, say in Spain or Florida etc, you are sharing the costs with other from both a purchasing or capital angle and in sharing the running costs. We help sellers to release their capital or pay off mortgages, and if they wish, still have use of their holiday home on a shared basis.

In these pages you will learn that sharing a property is a very modern and great way to enhance your lifestyle at a reduced cost and helps you to give your friends and family a better lifestyle as well!

The Basic Concept

So in simple terms we put togther groups of people with similar needs to legally have a shared ownership of a property. Your name is on the Deeds or Ownership documents. So say the property is £100,000 to buy. Instead of paying £100,000, you could pay £10,000 for a 10th share – and only pay 10% of the running costs! Simple! Obviously you can buy different shares from a 4 week or 1/12th share or 25-50% to suit you, your family and your lifestyle.

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